Columns of Dreams | Audrius V. Pliolys

Columns of Dreams are free-standing, independent structures, paralleling our own human existence. These pieces deal with the origins of dreaming, fantasy, and creativity.
The images consist of neuronal profiles, intertwined with my own MRI brain scans, electroencephalograms, and transformations of my own art work. It is from these extensive, overlapping neuronal networks that our consciousness, being, and independence arise.
From this self-awareness, we illuminate ourselves and others. We can shine, inform, educate and assist each other. Each piece is a portrait of human aspiration.
In this series of Columns, I include the written words of authors who have influenced my art.
Each Column consists of three layers of polycarbonate, back-light by a LED color-changing lights. As the transmitted colors change, the images change dramatically.
The three layers of images correspond to our own three levels of awareness: consciousness, sub-consciousness and unconsciousness.
Each piece is 65 inches tall. All materials used are archival quality.

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Music Licensor’s Author: S-DKG
Licensee: TVS Inc.| Item Title: Organic Abstract
Music Licensor’s Author: KipaLoops
Licensee: TVS Inc. | Item Title: Dreams

“Kesko Senukai Lithuania” | Anthology

About “Kesko Senukai Lithuania”: We are the leading company in retail, wholesale and e-commerce on the Baltic market of construction, DIY (Do It Yourself) materials, household, interior, electronics, garden, and leisure goods. Customer orientation, engagement, cooperation and continuous improvement are the values we follow in our daily activities and when communicating with our customers and partners.
Established back in 1992, the company has been fast growing and successful international company for already 23 years. In Lithuania, we operate 83 stores Senukai and Statybų duona and Senukai online store The total area of all retail network stores covers over 250,000 sq. m. Senukai retail stores throughout the country receive over 1 million customers per month.
We are one of the largest employers in Lithuania. More than 3,500 employees work at Senukai. Over 300 thousand euros annually are being invested into their welfare and motivation.

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and here is a version in Lithuanian

Wedding Season Editing

It is still in the process. Never ending and at the same time rewarding process.
Rewarding after it is completed, delivered and appreciated.

Jewish wedding in Chicago. Shot by Zhenia & RJ.

A small wedding in Lithuania. Produced by Gudis.

Different worlds and the same life cycle.